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Making the right decision about a DWI attorney may affect your life for many years. We are Crain ♦ Lewis, LLP. Our focus is on fighting aggressively for your rights and liberty, making sure that you receive the highest levels of representation, attention to detail, and responsive communication. We know that facing DWI charges is difficult, and we are here to help.

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Drunk driving charges are serious. That is why we take a serious approach to your DWI defense. Senior partners Rob Crain and Chris Lewis combine nearly twenty-five years of skillful, aggressive, and knowledgeable trial experience to create a law firm that is recognized for integrity, effectiveness, and dedication to our clients' best interests. We stay focused on being responsive; we care about your future; and we never forget the human being and family behind the DWI. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss the specific details about your situation, including the potential impact on your driver's license arrest.

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Please visit these pages for specific information you will need to know if you have been charged with DWI in Dallas, Texas.

Saving Your Driver's License
Implied Consent
Field Sobriety Tests
Occupational Driver's License
Breathalyzer and Blood Tests
What to do if you are stopped?
What is DWI? What is DUI?
Why You Need an Experienced DWI Attorney
DWI Frequently Asked Questions
What if I Refused the Breathalyzer Test?
Possible Penalties for DWI
Felony DWI and Multiple Offenses
Intoxication Manslaughter
What do I do Next?
Alcohol and Minors

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You've got a tough decision to make about protecting your driver's license and your future. We know there are a lot of DWI or DUI lawyers in Fort Worth, Plano, Dallas, and throughout Texas. Our attorneys tailor their representation to your specific needs. We see beneath the surface of your charges and get to the heart of what every DWI and ALR hearing case is really all about: representing people.

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